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About Us

J L Rohatgi Memorial Eye HospitalJ L Rohatgi Memorial Eye Hospital is the largest and the oldest eye hospital in the region and training institute for ophthalmology.

The eye hospital was established as a unit of ‘Association For The Prevention of Blindness, UP, which was founded in Kanpur, India in 1946 with the mission to eradicate needless blindness in Uttar Pradesh. Subsequently an eye hospital was established in 1956 under the name of Kanpur Eye Hospital which was later renamed to Dr. Jawahar Lal Rohatgi Memorial Eye Hospital to carry on the work.

Now the Hospital’s innovative eye care delivery system is recognized as a model for other developing Eye Hospitals. All patients are accorded the same care and high quality service, regardless of their economic status, as a result of a unique fee system and effective management.

The Hospital follows the principle that large volume, high quality service result in low cost and self-sustainability & has the distinction of being a very productive eye care organization, in terms of surgical volume and the number of patients treated.

The hospital also runs a multi-specialty hospital which provides a gamut of general health services at very affordable rates.